Australian Short Course Swimming Championships

Hi everyone,

Recently, the Australian Short Course Swimming Championships have been held in Hobart. It is when all the best swimmers from all around Australia and a couple of New Zealanders come and race. Short course is where the pool is only 25m, instead of 5om.

It went from Saturday to Wednesday, with the heats being in the morning and then the finals at night. My friend and I went and watched a finals session on Sunday night. It was pretty exiting, and a great experience watching swimmers of that level.

We saw a lot of world records being broken, and a lot of famous swimmers up close.  Including Libby Trickett, Leisel Jones, Nick D’arcy, Emily Seebohm and lots of others. It was really great being that close to all the swimming action, and the swimmers themselves.

I hope something like this is held in Hobart again.

Do you have a favourite sport?



Hi everyone,

Luckily, all my posts have been put back on my blog, after I accidently deleted them all. Whoops!

Thanks Miss W, for emailing them all back to me so I can put them back on. 🙂

Swimming Trophy Night

Hey everyone,

I love to swim, and outside of school I swim with a club, called the Sharks. I train 4 times a week, Tuesday and Thursday nights and Friday and Saturday mornings.

Recently, we held our annual club trophy night, where swimmers get some recognitionfor their achievements. It was held at a local community hall, with a roast dinner. Very nice! :)

I got a medal for coming first in the girls in my age group at the Club Championships, where we just compete against the people in our own club. I also got a encouragement swimming cap from Swimming Australia, a badge from another meet I competed in and a certificate.

It was a really good night!

Student Leader

Hi everyone,

At my school, we have a group of students who are called student leaders. There are 8 grade 10 leaders, who are mostly in charge of assemblies and fundraisers and things like that. Then there is another group of 8 grade 7’s.  The grade 7’s basically do the same thing as the grade 10’s, but not as in charge.

The way to get voted in as a student leader is to give a small speech in front of the students and teachers why you think you could be a student leader.

I’m in grade 7, so I got the chance to give a speech in front of the grade 6/7 students. It was pretty scary to stand up in front of all those people, but I got through it and ended up becoming a student leader!

The grade 10’s get a badge to wear and a rugby top with their names on the back. The grade 7’s get a badge to wear.

Do you have anything to do with leadership at your school?

Gumleaves Camp

Hey everyone,

Last week, all the grade 6/7’s a my school went on a camp, to a place called Gumleaves. It was heaps of fun.

We left at about 9:30 on Monday morning. The bus trip up was pretty boring, it took about an hour and a half to get up there. Once we did get there, we found our bags and went to where we were sleeping. I was in BlueGum, with Lucy and Daisy. Our cabin was number 1. The other people in BlueGum were Sophie, Brooke, Lucy and Jaimi-Lee, in number 3. Then Ella, Nikki and Monty were in number 5. The supervising teacher was in 2, and no-one in 4. There were 4 other cabin groups: WhiteGum and RedGum (where the girls slept) , GhostGum and Candle Bark (where the boys slept).

Once we’d had a look around, we then went on the big flying fox that went over the lake. It was heaps of fun, but also a bit scary  because it was so high up. To get to the actual flying fox, you have to walky across a wire cable, then two bridges.

Another thing to do was going on the little row-boats out in the dam. I didn’t go on the them because it was too wet and muddy. There were heaps of different activities to do! My favourite thing was the the lake flying fox and the tire swing.

On the first night, my cabin’s fire alarm went off at about 3 in the morning. It was really, really loud. Apparently it was because the battery was going dead.

On the second day, we went on a huge bushwalk that went up-hill. My legs were really tired after. That night, we had a “red faces” talent show. My team did a small cheerleading kind of routine, and we won! In our group was Lucy, Daisy, Sophie, Jaimi-Lee, Brooke, Lucy, Ella, Nikki and Monty.

On our way back home, we stopped at a beach to have some lunch and a rest off the bus. Then we headed back home.

Camp was heaps of fun, and I’d love to go back.

6/7 School Camp

Hi everyone,

Next week, the grade 6/7’s at my school are going on a camp! As there are 6 6/7 classes, 3 classes will go on Monday, Tuesday and come back Wednesday, and then the other 3 classes will leave on Wednesday and come back on Friday. I haven’t been on a school camp before, so its pretty exiting!

I will write another post soon to tell you about it!

Have you ever been on a school camp before?


Back to School!

Hi everyone,

The new school year has started for 2009.  Everyone is getting used to their new classes, teachers and class-mates. Even though I’m not in Miss W’s class anymore, I will still try to up-date my blog by writing new posts. Hopefully I get enough time!

Have you started a new school year?

1 Week to Go!

Hi everyone,

Here in Tasmania, our school year is almost over. We only have about 5 more school days left, and then we go on a long 7 week holiday during Christmas. This is our Summer holiday. In Australia, if you didn’t know, Christmas here is during Summer, so we don’t get any snow or anything like that like some other countries do!

It has been a long school year and I think everyone is glad the holidays have finally come. We have all worked really hard and the students and teachers deserve a break! As I wrote in an earlyer post, Miss W is letting those of us who have blogs keep them if we want. I am going to try to keep mine updated, but it might be hard during the holidays.

This will probably be my last post in this school year, so I’d just like to say a big thanks to all the people who read and commented in my blog. Have a very Merry Christmas!


Skype Call

Hi everyone,

The Skype call we made to Canada went pretty well. Everyone was pretty exited. We had our web cam and microphone set up so we could easily talk. People from our class asked questions and the Canadian class answered them. They also asked us questions, about Tasmania, what we do in our spare time and about Australian animals.

We asked them about Canada, and gave them a  quiz on Australia. They knew some of the answers. They also gave us a quiz, but on Canada. Most of us didn’t know to many of the answers though. We talked to them for over half an hour, but had to cut the call short because it was the end of the school day for them.

Once we had finished the call, Miss W had us write a list of what we could have improved during the call. We came up with: doing more preparation on what questions we were going to ask, researching on the place we were calling, having the equipment (web-cam and mic)  in the right spot so everyone can be seen and it’s easy for people to get to the mic. We also need to be a better audience and not interrupt the person at the mic who is talking, or interrupting the other end of the call when they are talking.

The next time we make a Skype call, we will use these points and try to improve!


Skype Call to Canada

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow morning, Miss W’s class is making a Skype call to a class in Canada. For those of you who don’t know, a Skype call is when you have a web-cam and a microphone, and you can talk to the person like it is a phone call, except you can see the person you are talking to through the web-cam. Our class made a call to Ashley in the USA.

It’s going to be really interesting talking to them. We will get to see how different or how much the same our day-to-day lives are. It will be Thursday, at about 2:00pm their time, I think, and Friday, 9:00 our time. I will keep you updated on how the call goes!